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Cleaning services

Cleaning is a relatively new notion, coming from Western Europe. Of course, our country has been using hired help to clean various premises in a housing or industrial environment for a long time. Yet, specialized workers or entire brigades, specializing specifically in that area, were not available 20 years ago. Nowadays many offices and some private houses and flats are being serviced by cleaning companies. The duties and responsibilities of such companies not only include current and general cleaning, after home repairs for example, but also window and façade washing, waste disposal, etc. Professional cleaning is not just superficial as many people think. It includes full cleaning maintenance of furniture, office equipment, carpets, as well as dry cleaning. If you want your clients to have a good first impression of your negotiations area, or your guests to be impressed by your living-room, it would be difficult to achieve that without the professional services of a cleaning company.

  • One-off cleaning of offices, business and industrial premises
  • One-off cleaning of flats, houses, villas

Professional cleaning makes our lives comfortable and the world around us – cleaner.

  • Cleaning of offices, business and industrial premises
  • Regular cleaning of flats, houses, villas

Cleanliness is a distinctive feature of every office. It helps enhancing the good mood and efficiency of the employees.

Daily cleaning creates favorable environment and comfort for the company employees. Daily cleaning of such premises includes various tasks. By using this individual approach, the clients benefit from the maximum cleaning effect.

The cleaning of the premises is done at any time, convenient for the client.

Options: Upon signing a Daily Complex Cleaning Agreement, you receive a gift of window washing, free of charge.

  • Overall office cleaning
  • Overall cleaning of flats, houses, villas

All cleaning schedules are negotiated individually!

The "IHCLEAN" overall cleaning of premises is about the full elimination of all “black holes” in your room. The main difference between the overall cleaning and the daily cleaning is that the former requires the deepest and most complex process of cleaning.

The overall cleaning of premises is not an easy task; it requires significant effort and time. Trust the professionals with the cleaning of your office, home or other premises. We will provide a high quality service.

  • Cleaning after repairs
  • Cleaning after construction works

Cleaning after repairs includes every item listed in the overall cleaning

The employees of IHCLEAN Cleaning Services can manage cleaning after repairs swiftly and efficiently. The work is done by the experienced employees of the mobile brigade, after undergoing special training.

Price: The price is supject to negotiations after review of the premises.

  • Washing windows and window displays
  • Cleaning windows and window displays by using industrial alpinism
  • Dry cleaning of clothes
  • Laundry
  • Carpet cleaning

Solve the problem with cleaning your residential area or office swiftly and seamlessly! You will definitely be happy with the result!

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